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Title | ALSong v1.9 is available
Category | ALSong
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March 30, 2009 - Seoul - ESTsoft is pleased to announce the release of the Live Music & Lyrics Player, ALSong v1.9.

[What's New for ALSong v1.9]
1. Fixed: Error playing MP3 files on certain PCs
2. Fixed: When normalization option is on, noises produced while song was playing
3. Fixed: ALSong Mini Player was incorrectly displayed in Windows Taskbar
4. Fixed: Blinking problem of Desktop Lyrics Bar
5. Fixed: ALSong froze when adding albums to playlist
6. Fixed: PCs with some sound card produced an error when doing ALSong broadcasting
7. Fixed: Desktop Lyrics Bar disappeared after changing monitor's screen resolution
8. Fixed: Error opening ALSong Equalizer while listening to Web radio
9. Fixed: ALSong plays from the first track while batch editing the tag info.
10. Added: Always Disply ALSong Mini Player option is added
11. Added: Advanced Sound effect is added
12. Added: Support in Windows Vista
13. Added: Partially supports .asx format for ALSong radio
14. Added: ALSong Power Manager added 'Shutdown ALSong' option
15. Added: Open the folder where selected file is located in ALSong playlist
16. Added: Recording from Microphone feature is added
17. Added: Allows to resize the left corner of Desktop Lyrics Bar
18. Improved: Provides faster loading speed for ALSong application
19. Improved: Adapted better Song Box UI
20. Improved: Improved ALSong Equalizer features
21. Improved: Enable to adjust volumes in Sync Song Lyrics Editor

About ALTools
Named 'AL' after the Korean word for "egg," ALTools are free PC utilities and multimedia programs that include ALZip, a cute compression utility; ALShow, a DVD and movie player; ALSong, an MP3 live music lyrics player; ALSee, a picture viewer and photo editor; ALPass, a secure web login and password manager; ALToolbar, a friendly web surfing helper; and ALFTP, a FTP client/server.

About ESTsoft Corp.
ESTsoft is a leading Korean application developer located in Seoul, South Korea. Other ESTsoft products include InternetDISK, a web storage solution and CABAL online, an MMORPG.