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Title | Strange names when clicking New Folder
Category | ALZip
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The New Folder option when you perform a right click is a function of ALZip (See the image below).


 You will get a folder name like this. (In ALZip 7.52 or lower)


Or like this. (In ALZip 8.0)


Some people ask us if this is caused because of a malware. However, this is a function of ALZip. To create a new folder in Windows, you usually had to  

     1. Right click  
     2. Mouse over on New  
     3. Click Folder

ALZip's new folder option reduces this three step into two:  

     1. Right click  
     2. Click New Folder

The reason why strange folder name appears is because we wanted to give you some entertainment. We thought it was so lame to create a folder named "New Folder", "New Folder (2)", "New Folder (3)", …

Instead, we named the folder with bird species (in ALZip 7.52 or lower) or name starting with the word that is  pronounced as "New".

If you don't like it and want to turn it off, you can do this in Preferences menu (F4).

Uncheck the option in the following screen.


In ALZip 7.52


In ALZip 8.0