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Frequently Asked Questions

Title | How to send us large capacity of files
Category | Support
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Sometimes we may ask you to send us a sample of files that are having problems, such as compressed files from ALZip.

Since Email limits the size of the attachment, you can send us the file using our web storage account.

Here are steps to upload your file at our web disk.



1. Access site

Go to BIZHARD of ALTools Users http://egghead.bizhard.com/Login.aspx



2. Login

You can see the login form on Top-left.


Type the following ID and password.

ID : tryaltools

PW : forumsupload


3. Webhard Tab

After you type login info correctly, [Webhard]Tab will be opened.

Click 'Upload' button and select the file.  After checking the file path, click 'Start' button.



4. Please send us a email

After you are done, please send us an email to support@estsoft.com that you have uploaded the sample. Then we will receive your sample and send it to the development team to analyze the sample.