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Free Text Editors

There are many good text editors, but after testing many different ones, the following seem to be among the best available:

Both are very good and have several translations available. For a review of several text editors, please see the DonationCoder.com Text Editor Review.

Two very good commercial text editors include:

  • EditPlus (Has an unlimited trial period with nag screens)
  • UltraEdit (Winner in commercial category at DonationCoder.com)

Other mentionables: After asking for some other text editor recommendations from some Association of Shareware Professionals members, the following were mentioned with a good amount of praise: jEdit, metapad, TextPad, Crimson, ConTEXT, Vi, Vim, and Emacs. They vary in ease of use and features, but if you are looking for something to replace Notepad, those are some additional considerations. At the end of the day, whichever suits your personal tastes and work habits is best. Also worth mention is the free XML editor XML Marker. It is very good for checking that XML documents are well-formed, but may be difficult for first time users that don't have a solid understanding of XML. The firstobject XML Editor from First Objective Software is very simple, has a nice treeview and doesn't require installation.