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Translating ALTools

If you'd like to see ALTools in your own language, you're not alone. Many people use English software because they have no alternative. We'd like to help offer more language versions of ALTools, but since we only speak a limited number of languages, we rely on kind souls like you to help out with translating ALTools.

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register here at ALTools.net if you haven't already.
  2. Post in the ALTools forums or email us and request to become a member of the ALTranslators group here at ALTools.net

We'll add you to the ALTranslators group and send you a confirmation email right away. Once you receive confirmation, you can then post in the ALTranslators' Forum here at the ALTools web site.

While we don't pay for translations, we certainly credit you for your work here at ALTools.  

The HOW TO's

See INI Translations for information on translating ALZip, ALFTP, and ALSee.

See DLL/EXE Translations for information on translating ALShow, ALSong, and ALPass.

See ALShow Skins and the accompanying About XML & ALShow Skins section for information about translating skins for ALShow. This also applies to ALSong.

Make sure to check out the Free Text Editors section for some information on some of the best text editors available along with a link to the most complete text editor review on the Internet.

Why do I need to become a member of the ALTranslators group?

Good question, and there's a very good answer: In order to keep translations and editing under control, we need to have a clear line of communication, and the ALTranslators group lets us keep in contact with people and also use some features here at the ALTools web site to help manage things for translators, users, and us.

Just because a specific language isn't available doesn't mean that the translation isn't done or that someone isn't already working on it. Make sure to check the ALTranslators forums to see what has been done, or what people are working on.

Our sincere thanks for helping with ALTools translations go out to a lot of very cool people. Please see the following to find out who we all have to thank:

ALZip Translations & Translators

ALSee Translations & Translators

ALFTP Translations & Translators

ALShow Translations & Translators

ALSong Translations & Translators

ALPass Translations & Translators

Again - to everyone that has helped out - THANKS~!