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[License Agreement for Using EGG File Format and Decompression Module] 


1) LICENSE: All rights regarding the EGG file format and its decompression module ("EGG Module")

 published on ALTools website (http://www.altools.com) are exclusively owned by ESTsoft Corporation ("Company").

 For Commercial use, the Company’s Approval is required. 


2) USE AND DISTRIBUTE: For non-commercial use, EGG Module can be freely use and distributed. 

There are no restrictions to use and distributed EGG Module inside of other software. 


3) NOTICE: The EGG Module cannot be used to develop an algorithm to compress into EGG format. 

This License Agreement must be redistributed with the source code and document to use or distribute the EGG Module whether modified or not. 


4) RESPONSIBILITY: The responsibility for using the EGG Module is on the user. 

The Company has no legal responsibility for any loss for the user using the EGG Module.


5) CHANGE OF LICENSE: This License Agreement can be changed by the Company without previous notice, 

and the new license takes priority to the old one.


6) AGREEMENT: The EGG Module cannot be used without agreeing to this License Agreement. 

Using the EGG Module will be regarded as agreeing to this License Agreement provided by the Company. 


[About License] 

The EGG Module uses zlib that is public at http://www.zlib.net, and follows the "zlib License".

The EGG Module uses bzip2 library public at http://bzip.org, and follows the "bzip License". 

The EGG Module is copyrighted by ESTsoft Corporation (http://www.estsoft.com), and all rights are reserved.


Inquiries for license contact: altools@estsoft.com



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