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Title | ALPlayer v2.0 is released
Category | ALPlayer
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November, 9, 2010- ESTsoft is pleased to announce the new release of the official version of ALPlayer 2.0, the rebranded movie player of ALShow! 

Go to ALPlayer page for more details. http://www.altools.com/altools/alplayer.aspx

[ALPlayer v2.0] 

** Revolutionary Changes (External Changes) **
1. Renamed as "ALPlayer" from ALShow
2. Changes in user interfaces and skins
  - Added: Skin fading out during playback
  - Added: Transparency adjusting of controller
  - Changed: Main screen
  - Changed: Default skin structure and design
  - Changed: Menus and shortcut keys
  - Changed: Seperated Bookmarks in a dialog box from Playlist tab
** Internal Changes **
1. Improved: MP4 formats have better playback support
2. Improved: AVI formats (v210 codec) have better playback support
3. Fixed: Screen blacking out when playing captured videos
4. Fixed: Program terminating when using some .smi subtitle files
5. Fixed: Some Qclp codecs' audio playing faster
Thank you!