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Title | ALZip 8.0 beta1 link issue solved
Category | Notice
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Dear ALTools fans,

There was a link issue that the download site link has been connected to ALZip 7.x version.

Now, this issue has been solved and users can freely download ALZip 8.0beta 1 without any problem.

Plese check your current ALZip version and re-download it if it is the old version.

ALZip 8.0 free license key event is still valid.

Those who already downloaded ALZip 7.x version will get ALZip8.0 automatically upon its release through ALTools online update. Also, there will be still a chance to get free ALZip license key.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have any comments, visit our ALTools forum or send email to support@estsoft.com.