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Title | ALZip 8.0 beta 1 Release
Category | ALZip
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May, 5, 2010- ESTsoft is pleased to announce the new release of ALZip 8.0 beta 1.

Go to ALZip page for more details. http://www.altools.com/altools/alzip.aspx

[What’s new in ALZip 8.0 beta 1]


- Support for more than 40 different file formats

- New compression format EGG

- Unicode Support

- Better compression ratio through solid compression

- New interface and task results window

- Enhanced file encryption with AES-256


[Lists of new changes in ALZip 8.0]


 - Added: New compression format EGG

 - Added: Support for Unicode

 - Added: Language encoding to archive

 - Added: Peek in what files are inside by right-clicking an archive

 - Added: Compress each of the selected folder function in context menu

 - Added: Compress using administrator's privilege

 - Added: Task Result window after compressing or extracting

 - Added: (Only EGG format) Priority on Compress Ratio method using LZMA algorithm

 - Added: (Only EGG format) LZMA algorithm in Optimized Compression

 - Added: Unicode (MAC) and Unicode (Linux) in Language Encoding option when

compressing into ZIP format

 - Added: Windows 7 Taskbar Progress

 - Added: Auto Select, Unicode and Unicode(MAC) added in Language Encoding option

 - Added: View List and Error Test added in command line function

 - Changed: Bird Folder to New Folder, which creates folders' name started with the

pronounciation of "New"

 - Changed: Extract to My Default Folder option applied to Extract window

 - Changed: Each file spanned into no more than 4 GB when creating spanned SFX files

 - Improved: Extract ZIP files which is compressed using LZMA algorithm

 - Improved: Support UDF type for ISO files

 - Fixed: Recognizing location as filename when location is set to the archive name

 - Fixed: Converted EXE file not extracting when extracting location doesn't exist