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Title | ALToolbar v1.52 is now available
Category | ALToolbar
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February 17, 2010 - Seoul - ESTsoft is pleased to announce the release of the fast and safe internet helper, ALToolbar v1.52.
[What's New for ALToolbar v1.52]
1) Added: Video Downloader to search all videos and download from a webpage  
2) Added: Function added in Browser Manager (previouse "Internet Saver")- close all browsers except the selected one  & Merge all opened browsers as tabs 
3) Added: "Hide all other toolbars" function  
4) Added: Function to add search engines in "Search"  
5) Added: History of your search in Search Bar  
6) Added: Auto loging out function when not used for a period  
7) Changed: "Internet Saver" renamed as "Browser Manager"  
8) Changed: "ALPass" renamed as "AutoLogin"  
9) Changed: "Internet Cleaner" button displayed as "Cleaner"
10) Improved: Supports for Windows 7
11) Improved: Supports for Internet Explorer 8.0
12) Imporved: Better user interface
About ALTools
Named 'AL' after the Korean word for "egg," ALTools are free PC utilities and multimedia programs that include ALZip, a cute compression utility; ALShow, a DVD and movie player; ALSong, an MP3 live music lyrics player; ALSee, a picture viewer and photo editor; ALPass, a secure web login and password manager; ALToolbar, a friendly web surfing helper; and ALFTP, a FTP client/server.
About ESTsoft Corp.
ESTsoft is a leading Korean application developer located in Seoul, South Korea. Other ESTsoft products include InternetDISK, a web storage solution and CABAL online, an MMORPG.