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Title | ALToolbar Improves Internet Speed, Ease and Safety
Category | ALToolbar
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January 29th, 2008 - Seoul - ESTsoft released its ALToolbar v1.13 RC1 Internet Explorer addin in combination with its launch of the new ALTools.com web site.

ALToolbar is an Internet Explorer addin that includes a plethora of Internet utilities designed to make web surfing easier, faster and safer for people. Like other ALTools, ALToolbar is free as in "no money", and has no spyware and no adware.

Two online Internet conveniences inside ALToolbar include ALPass Online for automatically signing into web sites and managing logins and passwords, and Online Bookmarks for storing and synchronizing favorite web sites. Both are available from any Internet connected computer through ALToolbar.

A few of its other tools let people take full web page screenshots, block Flash ads, cleanup Internet Explorer, navigate with Mouse Gestures, and search the Internet.

The search features in ALToolbar greatly improve on search speed and efficiency by empowering users to cut down the number of actions to less than half. Customization of the ALToolbar Search Bar also lets users search specific sites in a fraction of the time they would take otherwise, and further provides user-defined shortcuts to visit one's favorite sites instantly.

While the overwhelming emphasis of the toolbar for users is on speed and ease, but follows up by addressing security concerns with its Internet Cleaner and anti-phishing protection inside of ALPass Online. The online functionality in ALToolbar is also secured with strong ARIA 256 encryption and SSL.

ALToolbar is available for free at www.altools.com where people can sign up for a free account to take full advantage of the online functionality.

About ALTools

ALTools are free user-friendly PC utilities and multimedia software.

About ESTsoft

ESTsoft is a leading Korean software developer with the vast majority of PCs in South Korea running at least one or more ESTsoft products. In addition to ALTools, other product groups from ESTsoft include the iDISK / InternetDISK group (online web storage), and CABAL (an MMORPG).