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Title | ALZip v7.4 is available
Category | ALZip
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April 8, 2009 - Seoul - ESTsoft is pleased to announce the release of the easy and speedy archive utility, ALZip v7.4.

[What's New for ALZip v7.4]
1) Added: Commands added "-ls": Show log on command line interface
"-oa": Overwrite an existing file which has the same name when extracting
"-os": Skip an existing file which has the same name when extracting
"-on": Overwrite if an existing file which has the same name is newer when extracting
"-oo": Overwrite if an existing file which has the same name is older when extracting
2) Added: Message added when extracting massive compression file (over 4GB)
3) Added: LHA added to Default Archive Format
4) Changed: Folder created when setting a destination folder and extracting in the command line
5) Changed: Unnecessary maximize Button discarded
6) Fixed: System stopped when creating more than a certain number of new folders
7) Fixed: No room left in first file when creating split archive
8) Fixed: When compressing a ZIP file, an empty folder is compressed with a different character
9) Fixed: Problem showing context menu when ALZip is installed in a different folder other than Program Files
10) Fixed: Extract to a wrong path in Windows Explorer tree view on some occasions
11) Fixed: Task selection window pops up twice when adding file to ALZip main window by drag & drop
12) Fixed: Illegally exits when recently used file is located in a folder, which the user can’t access
13) Fixed: File name left empty in a compression file
14) Fixed: Split files are left when creating a split archive is canceled
15) Fixed: Virus scanning doesn’t work when virus program uses space included parameter
16) Fixed: Illegally exits when special characters are used as virus scanner parameter
17) Fixed: Does not show file list of ALZ self-extract file
18) Fixed: Incorrect message when run self-extract file
19) Fixed: Unable to extract some self-extract file if folder name includes special character code
20) Fixed: Self-extract file exits illegally when command is in upper case
21) Fixed: Self-extracting file stops when disallowed character is used in command
22) Fixed: When you extract a SFX file with no path, an unnamed folder is created and cannot be deleted
23) Fixed: Error when renaming some LHA
24) Fixed: Unable to extract some LHA files
25) Fixed: Error when original file size is 0 in 7z file format
26) Fixed: Illegally exits in Windows 98 when 7z files include special characters
27) Fixed: Problem extracting some RAR files
28) Fixed: Unable to rename files in TAR
29) Fixed: ACE file names are not shown when being extracted for converting compression file formats

About ALTools
Named 'AL' after the Korean word for "egg," ALTools are free PC utilities and multimedia programs that include ALZip, a cute compression utility; ALShow, a DVD and movie player; ALSong, an MP3 live music lyrics player; ALSee, a picture viewer and photo editor; ALPass, a secure web login and password manager; ALToolbar, a friendly web surfing helper; and ALFTP, a FTP client/server.

About ESTsoft Corp.
ESTsoft is a leading Korean application developer located in Seoul, South Korea. Other ESTsoft products include InternetDISK, a web storage solution and CABAL online, an MMORPG.