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St. Valentine's Day
Famous Love Quotes

It's time for more chocolate hearts, love letters, and of course, more smooching!

This year ALTools presents 3 different Valentine's Day desktop wallpapers for you to decorate your PC with. Those that have had their hearts broken will know the bitter-sweetness of the "Heaven and Hell" Valentine's day wallpaper, and hope to be on the receiving end of a kiss like the Egghead in this year's "Give a Kiss" wallpaper.

But Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without some words of wisdom on the topic of love from a great artist like Pablo Picasso, or a revered thinker like Plato. So pucker up and download your Valentine's Day desktop wallpapers today ~! :)



Kiss wallpaper
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Plato wallpaper
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Picaso Wallpaper
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Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell wallpaer
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Happy Valentines Day Wallpaper!
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