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ALZip Version History



### ALZip 8.51 ###

 - Added: Support for deflate64 and PPMD algorithm
 - Added: Support for 7zip LZMA2 algorithm
 - Added: "Open folder after extraction" option added in Extraction window
 - Added: Drag & Drop function on left explorer
 - Changed: "Open folder after extraction" and "Create filename folder under selected folder" options to be set as default
 - Changed: CD Image formats (iso, lcd, bin, nrg, img) not to be associated when ALZip is installed
 - Changed: Span Archive size and species
 - Changed: File not to be opened when adding by dragging open XML type files (docx and xlsx)
 - Changed: Default path in Extract window has changed to "My Documents" when extracting file on temporary path
 - Fixed: "Open Folder" option in Compression Complete window after adding files by dragging to an existing archive
 - Fixed: "Task to Run After Extraction" option in ALZip Self-Extractor
 - Fixed: Security issues in certain compressed archives
 - Fixed: File not opening when "part" is used as a split RAR archive name
 - Fixed: File not extracting to the path entered in Extract window
 - Fixed: "Delete Extracted Files after Running" option in Create ALZip Self-Extractor window not activating
 - Fixed: "Task to Run After Extraction" option in Create ALZip Self-Extractor window not working
 - Fixed: Error when Set ALZip as Default Program window is moved
 - Fixed: Error when opening split .ALZ SFX file
 - Improved: Open up speed for file archive
 - Updated: bzip2 library (1.0.6)
 - EGG Format: Fixed errors and improved performance of EGG format

### ALZip 8.12 ###

 - Improved: ALZip program opens faster
 - Fixed: Security issue relevant to .DLL files (2269637)

### ALZip 8.0 ###

 - Fixed: Error when creating a new folder in Extract window


### New in ALZip 8.0 beta1 ###

 - Added: New compression format EGG
 - Added: Support for Unicode
 - Added: Language encoding to archive
 - Added: Peek in what files are inside by right-clicking an archive
 - Added: Compress each of the selected folder function in context menu
 - Added: Compress using administrator's privilege
 - Added: Task Result window after compressing or extracting
 - Added: (Only EGG format) Priority on Compress Ratio method using LZMA algorithm
 - Added: (Only EGG format) LZMA algorithm in Optimized Compression
 - Added: Unicode (MAC) and Unicode (Linux) in Language Encoding option when
compressing into ZIP format
 - Added: Windows 7 Taskbar Progress
 - Added: Auto Select, Unicode and Unicode(MAC) added in Language Encoding option
 - Added: View List and Error Test added in command line function
 - Changed: Bird Folder to New Folder, which creates folders' name started with the
pronounciation of "New"
 - Changed: Extract to My Default Folder option applied to Extract window
 - Changed: Each file spanned into no more than 4 GB when creating spanned SFX files
 - Improved: Extract ZIP files which is compressed using LZMA algorithm
 - Improved: Support UDF type for ISO files
 - Fixed: Recognizing location as filename when location is set to the archive name
 - Fixed: Converted EXE file not extracting when extracting location doesn't exist 



### ALZip v7.52 ###

  1. Added: Full Windows 7 support for all editions and x64 editions



### ALZip v7.4 ###

  1. Added: Commands added
    "-ls": Show log on command line interface
    "-oa": Overwrite an existing file which has the same name when extracting
    "-os": Skip an existing file which has the same name when extracting
    "-on": Overwrite if an existing file which has the same name is newer when extracting
    "-oo": Overwrite if an existing file which has the same name is older when extracting
  2. Added: Message added when extracting massive compression file (over 4GB)
  3. Added: LHA added to Default Archive Format
  4. Changed: Folder created when setting a destination folder and extracting in the command line
  5. Changed: Unnecessary maximize Button discarded
  6. Fixed: System stopped when creating more than a certain number of new folders
  7. Fixed: No room left in first file when creating split archive
  8. Fixed: When compressing a ZIP file, an empty folder is compressed with a different character
  9. Fixed: Problem showing context menu when ALZip is installed in a different folder other than Program Files
  10. Fixed: Extract to a wrong path in Windows Explorer tree view on some occasions
  11. Fixed: Task selection window pops up twice when adding file to ALZip main window by drag & drop
  12. Fixed: Illegally exits when recently used file is located in a folder, which the user can’t access
  13. Fixed: File name left empty in a compression file
  14. Fixed: Split files are left when creating a split archive is canceled
  15. Fixed: Virus scanning doesn’t work when virus program uses space included parameter
  16. Fixed: Illegally exits when special characters are used as virus scanner parameter
  17. Fixed: Does not show file list of ALZ self-extract file
  18. Fixed: Incorrect message when run self-extract file
  19. Fixed: Unable to extract some self-extract file if folder name includes special character code
  20. Fixed: Self-extract file exits illegally when command is in upper case
  21. Fixed: Self-extracting file stops when disallowed character is used in command
  22. Fixed: When you extract a SFX file with no path, an unnamed folder is created and cannot be deleted
  23. Fixed: Error when renaming some LHA
  24. Fixed: Unable to extract some LHA files
  25. Fixed: Error when original file size is 0 in 7z file format
  26. Fixed: Illegally exits in Windows 98 when 7z files include special characters
  27. Fixed: Problem extracting some RAR files
  28. Fixed: Unable to rename files in TAR
  29. Fixed: ACE file names are not shown when being extracted for converting compression file formats


### ALZip v7.0 beta 1 ###

  1. Added: Full Windows Vista support for all editions and x64 editions
  2. Added: When overwriting duplicate files, you can now select between always overwriting, overwrite with newer (update), or overwrite with older files (restore)
  3. Added: Option to automatically extract archives or display a concise context menu when double-clicking archives in Windows Explorer - ALZip Speed Extractor
  4. Fixed: Better integration with Microsoft Office 2007
  5. Fixed: When extracting password protected 7z archives with the wrong password, a 'garbage' file of the same size was created
  6. Fixed: Decompressing specific archives caused ALZip to exit illegally
  7. Fixed: Under certain specific conditions, selecting files to create a new archive caused ALZip to close
  8. Fixed: Problems associating the correct icon when setting default viewers
  9. Fixed: Saving an archive with "Save as" automatically overwrote any existing file with the same name without prompting
  10. Fixed: Focus in password input dialog corrected
  11. Fixed: For some specific ALZ files, adding files, changing file names, or deleting files (various operations) caused ALZip to close
  12. Fixed: Entering an invalid spanned archive size caused ALZip to incorrectly default to 1kb
  13. Fixed: Problems with properly extracting files/paths in ZIP files where the full path had been included
  14. Fixed: Problems with properly extracting files/paths in RAR files where the path had been included


### ALZip v6.7 ###

  1. Added: Windows Vista support
  2. Fixed: Errors in specific situation when using the ALZip Windows Explorer context menu item "Extract to current folder" caused extraction to the wrong folder
  3. Fixed: When context menu items were disabled for some items in the file explorer, they did not reset themselves properly for other items. Bug introduced in v6.34.
  4. Added: Option to mask or not mask passwords in password window
  5. Added: Robust support for file and file path options to archives from the command line. i.e. "C:...", ".....", "....", "..."
  6. Fixed: Problem with all files being archived to the root folder when creating TAR files. Bug introduced in v6.34
  7. Fixed: Clicking file list headers in archives did not always sort them properly. Bug introduced in v6.34
  8. Fixed: Extracting CD images didn't handle overwriting or skipping files properly
  9. Fixed: Problem with password retrieval not displaying properly
  10. Upgraded: Replaced ALZip icons for Vista
  11. Fixed: Temporary folders from ALZip Preferences were not set properly
  12. Fixed: Handling non-existant files (from the MRU or command line) caused ALZip to exit unexpectedly
  13. Fixed: Compressing files from inside of Windows Explorer Search resulted in damaged files in archives


### ALZip v6.34 ###
*** Korean Release Only ***

  1. Fixed: In some specific circumstances creating a new folder through the Windows Explorer context menu was very slow
  2. Fixed: Error when extracting 7z files


### ALZip v6.33 ###
*** Korean Release Only ***

  1. Fixed: After creating a new archive, selecting files, then entering only "*.*" into the "Files to Add:" input, only previously selected files were compressed
  2. Fixed: After editing files in an archive, modified files were moved to the root folder
  3. Fixed: Cancelling compression while creating very large CAB archives did not always cancel properly


### ALZip 6.32 ###

  1. Fixed: Generic CD image file extraction directory traversal security exploit fixed. Affects ISO, LCD and BIN CD image file extraction.



### ALZip 6.31 ###

  1. Added: Windows 64-bit support
  2. Improved: 7Z file extraction was unstable
  3. Fixed: Errors with some TAR/TGZ files with empty folders
  4. Fixed: Errors with paths in TAR files with corrupted headers
  5. Fixed: Errors with file operations when extracting files from TAR files through drag and drop
  6. Fixed: Could not recognize ISO files renamed with a ZIP file extension
  7. Fixed: Progress bar did not behave normally when extracting BZ2 compressed files
  8. Fixed: When creating archives, selecting compression ratio, then changing file name caused compression ratio to be reset



### ALZip 6.21 ###
*** Korean release only ***

  1. Fixed: Some problems running files contained in subfolders of compressed files. Bug introduced in v6.2
  2. Fixed: Did not recognize some TAR and RAR compressed files.
  3. Fixed: Changing icons in preferences and using external icons did not actually change icons. Bug introduced in v6.1
  4. Fixed: Could not cancel extraction for 7Z SFX files



### ALZip 6.2 ###
*** Korean release only ***

  1. Added: Support for extracting ZIP files above the 4GB limit (i.e. ZIP64 / Deflate64 support added). This does not apply to FAT32 file systems.
  2. Added: Compressing folders with no files in them now notifies the user
  3. Fixed: Some advanced file properties prevented normal archiving
  4. Fixed: Extracting LHA SFX files only extracted some files
  5. Fixed: Extracting ARJ SFX files behaved wrong
  6. Fixed: Changing the file extension for 7Z, HQX and TAR files prevented ALZip from recognizing them properly
  7. Fixed: In the extraction dialog, turning off the option to use folder names did not work properly
  8. Fixed: Error when cancelling password protection during BH file creation in password protection dialog. Also, cancelling password input when extracting password protected BH files caused an incorrect error message


### ALZip v6.13 ###

  1. Fixed: Boundary errors in ALZ, ARJ, ZIP, and UUE files allowed a malicious user to crash ALZip or execute arbitary code. This has been patched and all users are *strongly* advised to update to the latest version. Exploiting the vulnerabilities requires substantial effort, successful exploitation is not always guaranteed, and though it is highly unlikely that anyone would be affected, never-the-less a small possibility remains.


### ALZip v6.1 ###

  1. Fixed: The unace.dll was discovered to have a buffer overflow exploit. This has been patched and all users are *strongly* advised to update to the latest version. Exploiting the vulnerability in the unace.dll is not a trivial matter, and though it is highly unlikely that anyone would be affected, never-the-less a small possibility remains.


### ALZip v6.1 beta 1 ###

  1. Fixed: When extracting ALZip SFX EXE files, when a file with the same name already existed, the overwrite confirmation dialog did not display the files' dates and times properly
  2. Fixed: On dual monitor compupter systesm, when the second monitor was positioned higher than the primary monitor on the Y-axis, the title bar maximize/restore, minimize, and exit buttons did not work properly
  3. Fixed: Online updater on Windows 98/Me/NT did not behave as expected (Korean version only)
  4. Fixed: Using Windows user accounts without administrator level permissions caused error messages
  5. Fixed: Some ZIP files with malformed or corrupt headers could not be extracted
  6. Fixed: TAR files compressed with BZip2 were not read properly and could not be extracted
  7. Fixed: ALZip read some Z files with ASCII encoded files as text, adding a *.txt file extension and added some additional information at the end of the file, rendering the file unusable
  8. Fixed: Directly editing files in archives then saving them from an external program produced an error
  9. Fixed: Extracting compressed files ending in '. ...' (or a similar variation) did not work because '. ...' is an illegal ending for a folder name
  10. Added: Language selector for Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish - Special thanks to the many kind users who have helped to translate (some translations are partial due to updates since they were translated)


### ALZip v6.03 beta ###

  1. Changed: default option when dragging and dropping a file into ALZip is now "New Archive" and not "Add to current archive"
  2. Changed: Terms used for some GUI elements clarified
  3. Improved: Shortcuts cleaned up and easier - synchronized with other ALTools where appropriate
  4. Added: Significant documentation added to INI file to assist kind souls in translating ALZip =)



### ALZip v6.02 ###
*** Korean release only ***

  1. Fixed: file was not added to archive after dragging and dropping a file onto an archive in Windows Exporer
  2. Fixed: original files were deleted when adding to CAB files
  3. Fixed: error occasionally occured when extracting 2 or more archives in Windows Explorer
  4. Fixed: default Windows open with dialog displayed incorrect icons for files when they were not associated with ALZip
  5. Fixed: inside of archives, folder names in the file list displayed broken characters and were extracted as "_"
  6. Fixed: error saving preferences under Options > Preferences > General > File List View
  7. Fixed: error when cancelling extraction from CD image files
  8. Fixed: error messages were not displayed when errors occured extracting from CD image files
  9. Fixed: error handling files with accented characters in file name
  10. Added: minimize button added to archiving/extracting progress dialog
  11. Added: cancel all option added to progres dialog when simultaneously extracting several archives
  12. Fixed: error creating new zip file from Windows Explorer



### ALZip v6.0 ###
*** Korean release only ***

  1. Improved: extracting and archiving now faster
  2. Improved: opening archives now faster
  3. Changed: new fresh XPish look and feel
  4. Added: 7z archive format
  5. Added: can now clear the most recent files list from the "Files" menu
  6. Added: priority processing, choose between foreground (faster with high CPU usage) and background (slower with low CPU usage) processing when extracting or archiving
  7. Added: now alerted when compression fails due to files locked by system
  8. Fixed: new folders on the Desktop lost focus, they now keep focus
  9. Add & Fixed: better support for ARJ and fixed an error when extracting some ARJ files
  10. Fixed: bug introduced in v5.6 - could not handle network drives
  11. Fixed: bug introduced in v5.6 - when creating SFX files (exe), could not choose icons



### ALZip v5.6 ###
*** Korean release only ***

  1. Improved: better speed and responsiveness when canceling ALZ archive creation (compression)
  2. Fixed: error when trying to extract multi-volume archives (text.alz, test.a00, test.a01...), ALZip tried to extract once for each volume
  3. Fixed: trying to extract the last file in a multi-volume archive (text.alz, test.a00, test.a01...) did not extract the contents but put ALZip in a loop
  4. Fixed: double clicking archives and some context menu items caused title text in taskbar to be displayed incorrectly
  5. Fixed: wrong file paths entered into the ALZip SFX (EXE) dialog caused ALZip to terminate abnormally when extracting
  6. Added: not entering anything into an ALZip password prompt dialog and clicking OK no longer cause ALZip to quit without extracting files. ALZip now prompts again for a password or to cancel
  7. Fixed: when opening files from ALZip, the file type was not properly displayed ==> e.g. unassociated files had blank file type fields
  8. Added: sorted icons in ALZip preferences ALmost alphabetically  ;-)
  9. Fixed: could not view file list in password protected RAR files
  10. Fixed: differences in file size reporting between ALZip and WinRAR for RAR files
  11. Fixed: some ZIP files with corrupted headers caused ALZip to hang or crash
  12. Fixed: extracting RAR multi-volume files had incorrect information in the progress bar
  13. Fixed: folder names were incorrect when extracting from RAR multi-volume archives
  14. Improved: can now extract from any volume in a RAR multi-volume archive
  15. Fixed: error in extracting some ISO files
  16. Fixed: compressing in the root directory of a hard drive - files now properly named "alsdream.
  17. Added: support for LZH variation format LH7
  18. Fixed: could not extract RAR files with unicode file names



### ALZip v5.52 ###
*** English, German, Japanese, Portuguese releases only ***

  1. Fixed: error handling files with accented characters in file name.


### ALZip v5.51 ###
*** English, Arabic, Italian releases only ***

  1. Added: INI entries for translating ALZip


### ALZip v5.5 ###

  1. Added: support for ISO and BIN CD file formats.
  2. Added: support for the LCD virtual CD format.
  3. Fixed: infinite loop when cancelling cab file compression.
  4. Fixed: error extracting some files with incorrect creation times.
  5. Fixed: bug with log_CTM.txt file.
  6. Fixed: abnormally high CPU usage when creating a new folder.



### ALZip v5.21 ###
*** Korean release only ***

  1. Fixed: when cancelling password recovery, ALZip behaves strangely.
  2. Fixed: when extracting from corrupt files, incorrect error message is displayed.
  3. Fixed: when installing ALZip, custom program associations are lost.
  4. Fixed: cannot extract new RAR file format.
  5. Fixed: when extracting many selected archive files, the wrong file list is displayed.
  6. Fixed: when creating new archives on Windows XP, archive files names are wrong.
  7. Fixed: error when changing files in ALZip EXE files (SFX files) dialog.



### ALZip v5.2 ###

  1. Added: command line functionality (Scripting).
  2. Fixed: temporary files are not added to archives.
  3. Fixed: after modifying a password protected ALZ, modified file(s) are missing.
  4. Fixed: corrupt ARC files cannot be extracted.
  5. Fixed: when extracting from selected folder, all files are extracted.
  6. Fixed: errors when extracting files with the same name.


### Pre ALZip 5.2 ###

In internet time, this is no longer "history", but rather "archaeology"... :-)