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ALZip Awards

ALZip is an award winning archive and compression utility from ESTsoft widely recognized for excellence. Click an award to visit, cast your vote, and say what you think about ALZip, or scroll down to find out what the critics have to say.

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Don't take our word for it. Find out what software experts have to say about ALZip.


If you're looking for one tool that can handle a myriad of compression methods, from RAR and ZIP to TAR and TGZ and nearly 30 other formats, ALZip just might be for you. In fact, archive format support is ALZip's forte. It'll even open ISO and other CD images. All the usual archive application options are here, as well: context menu additions, password protections, virus scanner integration, and assistance in creating self-extracting archives.

The interface looks modern and is well-designed, with archive contents displayed as icons, in a list or in a detailed spreadsheet-style grid. There are 14 criteria by which you can sort files, the program supports 21 languages, there's a test function to make sure the archive works, and you can save in eight formats. We also like the bird-egg icons--a small touch, to be sure, but they show that aesthetics are still important, even in freeware.

This program leaves a slightly larger footprint than WinZip, but since we're talking about a difference of 2MB we think it's worth giving ALZip a chance to fly.

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the 3d2f.com editors have called the program "the best among the like" ALZip Speed Extractor: Easier than Ever, Faster than Ever! Keeping files archived saves lots of space. Extracting files from archives takes extra gestures, adds slowness and inconvenience to the file browsing process. Wouldn’t it be great to browse archives as if they were regular folders and never notice the archive extractor? — ALZip offers archive extraction at the speed of a lightning; you’ll never notice it’s there. 

After a few moments of configuring the application, you can simply double-click on an archive to open it. Depending on the speed you desire or can bear, the program can instantly open the archived files and folders in an Explorer-like window, letting you to browse and open the files as if those were regular, not archived files. Or, you can have ALZip extract them to a predefined folder or choose the desired action from a menu. 

This extraction utility can read archives of over 36 formats, so you can open just about any compressed file easily. Even unknown files can be opened with ease. But yes, it can work the other way around and create archives too: among the eight formats the program supports, it has ALZ, the proprietary format that allows creating archives of unlimited size. With built-in AV scanner integration, you can always be sure that your archives are virus-free.
 Updated : May 28, 2009 14:59:17

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ALZip proves that a utility can be as simple as it can be powerful.

As the name suggests, this tool can zip, archive and compress all kinds of files in the simplest manner possible. The tool enables you to open CD image files as well as virtual CD files. You can open upto 35 zip, compression and archive file formats and create eight zip file formats. File transfers can be made easier by enabling you to split large files into smaller sizes. The utility has command line functions which will automate repetitive tasks. You will not lose your passwords again as this program supports password recovery. Anti-virus software can be integrated into the software making it more secure to use.

The interface is very cute and user-friendly which can be used with the least training. You can customize the way you like your archived files to look like.

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Installation is a breeze. To test out a zip program is "difficult" - of course it isn't!

Zipping - compressing a program is only one of the tasks looked at in this review. After playing with the program the Help file content was examined. The way a Help file is set up is a good indication on how comfortable a user who is in difficulty will feel. ALZip Help files are excellent - having links to additional info and solutions.

ALZip is a delight - well magic to use - the icons are a tickle - and will make you laugh. Creating a zip quickly is very easy - right click on a highlighted file or a collection of files, choose from the selection that appears - it is just a matter of clicking and the compression is carried out. With 35 file extension names recognised, ALZip is a comprehensive extraction unit ideal for everyone and all occasions. The alternative to the right click is of course selecting the ALZip icon shortcut and opening the program's working window (as seen above). The delightful display of icons appear to be a knowledgable owl-like egg... Whatever they are, they entertain. The retrieve lost password is facsinating and a useful tool for those foolish enough to have forgotten how to open there own passworded files!

Viewing the ALZip configuration option will reveal an easy to understand layout that takes seconds to comprehend.

AlZip is extremely easy to use and is ideal to the novice and the pro - a marvellous little tool that will reside on a computer until needed then it'll shrink a file/folder or extract with speed and accuracy. ALZIP is an "OOOw" program for all who are a little "twit"!! Great little OWL program and a pleasure to use.

SoftDeko Information Magazine Database presents ESTsoft Corporation's ALZip with the 5 Dragons Award.

Personal comment:
ALZip is a great little program - I used it for a good while before writing the review so had chance to see if there were any problems - not one was found. I would be happy to have this little program on my computer anytime and use it whenever I needed to - ALZip is a delightful prog - I like the icons... made me smile and others who looked over my shoulders!
ALZip is a great program to try out - download it today!

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