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ALSong Version History

### ALSong v2.71 ###
  1. Added: Function to show pronunciation of foreign languaged songs
  2. Added: Function to view tag and album art
  3. Added: Sorting by title, artist, album and file name
  4. Added: File name batch editing function
  5. Added: Tweeting your song to Twitter
  6. Added: Multiple frame interfaces - Integrated mode and Separated mode
  7. Added: Function to manage playlists like frequent/recently played and adding new playlist
  8. Improved: UI and skin
  9. Improved: Record and language leaner functions
### ALSong v1.9 ###
  1. Fixed: Error playing MP3 files on certain PCs
  2. Fixed: When normalization option is on, noises produced while song was playing
  3. Fixed: ALSong Mini Player was incorrectly displayed in Windows Taskbar
  4. Fixed: Blinking problem of Desktop Lyrics Bar
  5. Fixed: ALSong froze when adding albums to playlist
  6. Fixed: PCs with some sound card produced an error when doing ALSong broadcasting
  7. Fixed: Desktop Lyrics Bar disappeared after changing monitor's screen resolution
  8. Fixed: Error opening ALSong Equalizer while listening to Web radio
  9. Fixed: ALSong plays from the first track while batch editing the tag info.
  10. Added: Always Disply ALSong Mini Player option is added
  11. Added: Advanced Sound effect is added
  12. Added: Support in Windows Vista
  13. Added: Partially supports .asx format for ALSong radio
  14. Added: ALSong Power Manager added 'Shutdown ALSong' option
  15. Added: Open the folder where selected file is located in ALSong playlist
  16. Added: Recording from Microphone feature is added
  17. Added: Allows to resize the left corner of Desktop Lyrics Bar
  18. Improved: Provides faster loading speed for ALSong application
  19. Improved: Adapted better Song Box UI
  20. Improved: Improved ALSong Equalizer features
  21. Improved: Enable to adjust volumes in Sync Song Lyrics Editor
### ALSong v1.53 ###

Changed: Update module (alupdate.dll)

### ALSong v1.52 ###

1) Added: Playback controls added to Desktop Lyrics Bar (Previous/Next Track, Play/Pause, Stop)
2) Added: You can now hover over the right edge of the Desktop Lyrics Bar and resize it
3) Added: In Preferences > Shortcuts a new option for the Desktop Lyrics Bar was added
(Default: Ctrl + Alt + D)
4) Added: In Preferences > Song Lyrics an option to toggle Always on Top for the Desktop Lyrics Bar was added (Default: Always on Top is checked)
5) Added: Playback controls added to Language Learner (Previous/Next Track, Play/Pause, Stop) and interface reworked for easier use
6) Added: The ALSong Web Radio Broadcasters list now shows the number of listeners
7) Added: Support for lyrics through ALSong web radio broadcasts for listeners with ALSong
(i.e. Both the broadcaster and listener must be using ALSong for the listener to see the live lyrics.)
8) Added: Option to show your ALSong web radio broadcasts in ALSong Web Radio Broadcasters list added to broadcast settings
9) Added: Option to edit web radio favorites
10) Added: Option to add ALSong Web Radio Broadcasters to favorites list
11) Fixed: Clicking and holding spin controls in the Language Learner now properly updates the time display
12) Fixed: Drag & drop now functions properly in web radio favorites
13) Fixed: Web radio broadcast settings are preserved and survive restarts
14) Fixed: Alt + Tab in Windows now properly omits ALSong when ALSong is minimized to the system tray only

### ALSong v1.5beta ###

1) Added: Web Radio & Broadcasting with Shoutcast
- Broadcast audio played with ALSong
- Lyric support for ALSong broadcasted music without synchronizations
- Add favorite web radio stations
- Web radio presets list

2) Added: Album Authoring Extension
- Choose from 3 album themes
- Add custom images to albums
- Supports changing title in album list
- Compressed files can be used
- Font and background color can be set
- Advanced users can modify album source code (HTML)
- Albums can be edited and changed
- Album window size can be set
3) Added: For the playlist in folder view when you use the mouse wheel to scroll, the ALSong playlist automatically scrolls horizontally for you to show nested folders and files in nested folders when the path & name width is greater than the playlist width.
4) Added: Option to view desktop lyrics bar in 1, 2, 3 rows or in auto mode
(Options > Preferences > Song Lyrics > Show Desktop Lyrics > View Height)
5) Changed: Updated playback module
6) Fixed: On some PCs CPU usage rose
7) Fixed: Issue with changing screen resolution caused windows to reposition improperly
8) Fixed: Loops were reset after stopping playback then playing again
9) Fixed: When ALSong was set to Always on Top, the Open File dialog and the Submit Lyrics window opened behind ALSong and not in "Always on Top" mode
10) Fixed: The option in the playlist to delete files from disk now sends them to the recycle bin
11) Changed: ALSong context menu items in Windows Explorer context menu are no longer cascaded
12) Fixed: Playlist item order changes were not saved
13) Fixed: Could not play files in folders with Unicode names
14) Fixed: Playlist items were displayed in all lower case
15) Fixed: Titles and addresses disappeared when reopening Web Radio Broadcast window
16) Modified: Web Radio favorites now saved according to Windows user accounts
17) Added: Can now set name of web radio broadcaster
18) Fixed: Problems opening invalid addresses and addresses ending in "*.pls"

### ALSong v1.2 ###

1. Added: New sort option in playlist - "File Path + File Name"
2. Added: New looping function added to DSP effects
3. Added: Option to toggle ALSong on/off in the Windows Explorer context menu
4. Added: Option to toggle Desktop Lyrics Bar on/off added to menu and context menu
5. Added: Option to toggle shortcut key functionality on/off
6. Fixed: Problem with playlist recognizing some audio files
7. Fixed: Problem with handling duplicated shortcut keys
8. Fixed: Lyrics now refresh better after adding/editing lyrics
9. Fixed: Selecting a folder in the playlist and pressing "Enter" now plays the songs in it
10. Fixed: When finished editing tags, confirmation message is now displayed
11. Fixed: Some audio files played too fast when editing lyrics
12. Fixed: ALSong icons now properly displayed in Windows Explorer when file extensions are associated with ALSong
13. Fixed: Problem with playlist entries being duplicated when ALSong playlist set to "No Repeat" and "Shuffle"