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ALSee Version History


### ALSee v6.2 ###

  1. Added: PNG format in “save as…” menu
  2. Added: Clipboard copy function
  3. Added: Save images in view size
  4. Added: Windows 7 support
  5. Added: View images in Photo Library in Zoom/Full screen mode 
  6. Added: Change images in horizontal/vertical axis
  7. Added: HDP format support
  8. Added: Support for context menu in 64bit OS
  9. Added: Support for folder shortcut
  10. Added: Original image delete function in Photo Library
  11. Added: Image quality select option when saving a portion of image in JPG
  12. Improved: Reduced loading time
  13. Improved: Short cut for compression file
  14. Improved: Unicode support
  15. Improved: Image conversion speed in Zoom view
  16. Improved: Alpha channel support
  17. Improved: EXIF information contents and its display
  18. Changed: Use function or service without adding images to Photo Library



### ALSee v5.3 ### 

  1. Improved: Stability enhanced

### ALSee v5.3 beta 1 ### 

  1. Fixed: Improved image loading speed
  2. Fixed: Problem with opening images larger than 15000(W) x 32000(H) pixel
  3. Changed: Exclude EPS file from ALSee supportable file types
  4. Changed: Exclude JBG file from ALSee Supportable file types
  5. Changed: End support in Windows 98
  6. Changed: End support in Windows Me
  7. Changed: Support in Windows Vista
  8. Changed: Photo Editor UI is modified
  9. Added: Navigation Window appears when the image is larger than the screen size
  10. Added: Photo Library is added
  11. Added: View as Film Style is added
  12. Added: User can modify the Thumbnail size
  13. Added: In Photo Library, Photo Editor, Batch Edit, Move File features are included
  14. Added: In Photo Editor, Cut, Adjust Colors, Red Eye Removal, Horizontal Alignment features are added
  15. Added: Save after Rotating Picture is added

### ALSee v4.12 beta ###

  1. Fixed: After unchecking the Stamps option, images displayed as white
  2. Fixed: On dual monitor systems, after viewing pictures in Zoom mode and Full Screen mode then switching back the ALSee window didn't move
  3. Fixed: When viewing Slide Shows from Browse mode user defined options to view in Full Screen mode were incorrect
  4. Fixed: Changing sort options on the toolbar did not refresh the sort options in the menu under "Options > View & Sort > Sort Icons" and Name was always displayed
  5. Fixed: Files with numbers in the file name were not sorted properly
  6. Fixed: Sorting files by date did not sort AM/PM properly
  7. Fixed: "Move selected file to folder" ignored Overwrite options and always prompted users on what to do
  8. Fixed: Picture overlays with PNG or GIF images were always in the upper left in saved files

### ALSee v4.11 ###

  1. Fixed: On Windows 98, the Photo Editor's Pictures for Editing List did not render properly

### ALSee v4.1 ###

  1. Fixed: Error for images with no EXIF information under Photo Editor > Balloons > Digital Camera Info
  2. Fixed: Uninstalling ALSee caused desktop wallpapers set with ALSee to disappear
  3. Fixed: Under Photo Editor > Effects > Choose Effects, the first and subsequent entries were mislabled
  4. Fixed: Under Photo Editor > Text, real time previews were not rendered correctly after clicking a Quick Location button
  5. Fixed: Printing with Headers or Footers drop down menus had duplicate entries
  6. Fixed: In Slideshows, when Slideshow folders contained malformed or corrupted music files, quitting the Slideshow did not stop the music
  7. Fixed: Under Photo Editor > Text > Quick Position, the Y-axis values were reversed for Cartesian coordinates
  8. Fixed: Under View > Browse, checking and unchecking the "Show hidden files" did not work properly
  9. Files: Under View > Zoom, "Zoom to fit window" did not work properly
  10. Improved: JPEG quality compression options are now more precise
  11. Fixed: On Windows 98, fonts were not correct in the Print dialog
  12. Fixed: On Windows 98, the right-click context menu on the desktop was incorrect - setting wallpapers did not work properly
  13. Fixed: On Windows 98 & NT, the online update did not function properly (Korean version only)
  14. Fixed: On Windows NT, picture previews in Windows Explorer context menus were not correct
  15. Fixed: On Windows NT, the right-click context menu on the desktop was incorrect - picture previews did not render properly
  16. Fixed: On Windows NT, Options > Preferences > File Associations tab, file icons did not refresh when associating file types with ALSee
  17. Fixed: On Windows NT, Double-clicking an image file in Windows Explorer to open ALSee, then clicking the Browse toolbar button caused ALSee to exit

### ALSee v4.02 ###


  1. Fixed: error when rotating a picture and saving it to a sub-folder
  2. Fixed: error when batch renaming files
  3. Fixed: when using dual-monitors, error when clicking maximize, minimize, close, or double-clicking title bar
  4. Fixed: error when viewing full-screen with dual-monitors
[Photo Editor]
  1. Fixed: saving in different formats did not preserve EXIF (digital camera) information
  2. Fixed: error with EXIF (digital camera) information being inserted into word balloons
  3. Fixed: error enlargening or shrinking word balloons
  4. Fixed: when using dual-monitors, error when clicking maximize, minimize, close, or double-clicking title bar
  5. Fixed: error when viewing full-screen with dual-monitors

### ALSee v3.8 ###

  1. Added: Single and Multi picture per page printing.
  2. Added: Improved drag to scroll pictures with mouse in Photo Edit preview.
  3. Added: In Photo Edit, drag to scroll pictures in their original size.
  4. Added: In color adjustment, added sharpness and blur effects.
  5. Added: In Photo Edit resize, added resize by restricting width/height to number of pixels.
  6. Fixed: Several minor bug fixes.
  7. Changed: Photo Print Ordering and Mobile Photo Messaging service interfaces modified. (Korean version only - Print and Mobile services are not available outside of Korea.)