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ALPass Version History

### ALPass 2.8 ###

1. Added: Online Update

### ALPass 2.74 ###

1. Added: Greek translation
2. Fixed: ALPass did not properly handle importing malformed ALPass database files (*.APW)
3. Fixed: Security issues related to #2 above
4. Fixed: In rare circumstances, creating a new folder in ALPass and entering illegal characters could cause a system crash

### ALPass 2.73 (Limited Release - Invitation Only) ###

1. Fixed: On some sites ALPass would incorrectly enter the login information from a previous site
2. Fixed: In some ALPass site folders sites would become shuffled out of order
3. Fixed: Languages were not properly displayed on Windows Vista
4. Fixed: Could not connect to "ALPass Online" with Kaspersky Antivirus 6.0 running. (***NOTE: ALPass Online is only available in the Korean edition of ALPass.)

### ALPass 2.72 (Limited Release - Invitation Only) ###

1. Added: ALPass can now be installed directly to removable storage devices
2. Added: Support for Internet Explorer 7
3. Added: Full support for Windows Vista

### ALPass 2.71 (Limited Release - Invitation Only) ###

1. Added: Windows Vista support
2. Fixed: Starting multiple instances of Internet Explorer at once from ALPass caused ALPass to misbehave
3. Fixed: Starting multiple tabs in Internet Explorer v7 at once caused ALPass to misbehave
4. Fixed: When uploading sites to ALPass online, manually set site keywords were not properly uploaded (Korean version only)
5. Fixed: When uploading folders to ALPass Online, collapsed folders were expanded (Korean version only)
6. Fixed: When an ID and password weren't entered for a site in ALPass, ALPass mistakenly autofilled the ID and login with nothing then submitted the form.

### ALPass 2.7 ###

1. Fixed: ALPass did not work properly in Internet Explorer 7
2. Added: ALPass can now be installed or saved to USB drives, iPods, or any removeable storage device for secure portability

### ALPass 2.6 ###

1. Added: Highlighting for ID/Password forms in web pages (see Preferences >
2. Fixed: After auto-logging in to a site, ALPass now minimizes to the system tray
3. Fixed: Auto-display for ALPass now only displays ALPass once per visit to a particular site
4. Fixed: ALPass did not auto-fill login forms for sites with default text in the login form
5. Added: ALPass now supports Windows XP Themes
6. Fixed: Problem with sites being put in the wrong folder when importing sites into ALPass
7. Fixed: Some registry entries were not removed when uninstalling ALPass
8. Fixed: ALPass caused errors when not run under a Windows user account with administrative permissions on Windows NT, 2000, XP, and 2003

### ALPass 2.52 ###

1. Fixed: Conflict with hangul domain name module for Internet Explorer resolved
2. Improved: Site sorting speed
3. Fixed: Error when visiting www.dreamwiz.com
4. Fixed: ALPass crashed when it started when computers with dynamic IP addresses were not connected to the internet
5. Fixed: Error opening browsers when double clicking "Expand" ( /-) in the main site treeview
6. Fixed: When adding a new folder in the add/edit site dialog, the window did not refresh properly.
7. Improved: Resizing windows smoother