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Help Stop Spam

Spam is an unfortunate reality, and there is no guaranteed method of eliminating spam, but there are ways to reduce spam. ALPass can help you eliminate a great deal of spam; just read on.

Spammers get your email address from many places, including unethical web sites that sell your email address to spammers. Even though some sites say that they don't sell your email address, you really have no guarantees. Some sites require you to give them your email address so that they can spam you with all of their own spam. So how do you stop the spam?

Your 1st and most effective line of defense is to stop spammers from getting your real email address.

Using ALPass to Reduce Spam

ALPass can help you reduce spam by remembering logins and passwords for email accounts that you specially create for web sites. This is quick, easy, free, and with ALPass, it is easy to manage. Imagine this scenario:

You want to sign up at some web site, but you know that you will get lots of spam if you sign up. Signing up for another email account means remembering another email address, another email login, and another email password. This is where ALPass can help. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a free email account at Yahoo, Hotmail, or another free email provider. You'll use this account as your dedicated "spam" email account.
  2. Let ALPass remember your new "spam" email account info.
  3. Create a new spam folder in ALPass to help organize this as a part of your new anti-spam strategy then drag and drop your new anti-spam email account into your new folder.
  4. Go back to the web site that you know will send you spam.
  5. Sign up at the site using your new dedicated "spam" email account that you've stored in ALPass.
  6. Let ALPass remember your login information for your new web site registration.

Now, whenever you need to register at a new web site that might send you spam, you've got easy 1-click access to a dedicated anti-spam email account that you've stored in ALPass. Just sign up for the site, store it in ALPass, and forget about all the spam you'll receive because you'll never read that email account except maybe when you sign up at a new web site.

Some sites actually post your email address on their web site. This is less common now than it used to be, but is still a real problem because spammers harvest email addresses from web sites. Make sure to create a free email account and store it in ALPass if you sign up at a site like this. They don't mean for you to get spam, but spammers don't care.

Download ALPass today and help stop spam.